Our Process

Step by Step to an
Amazing Kitchen

After your initial inquiry we will follow up to schedule a consultation in your home to introduce ourselves in person, hear your ideas and goals for the renovation work, and take measurements and pictures. After defining the scope of work you'll receive a detailed estimate laying out the work and ensuring we've fully understood your renovation needs (even if that's a work in progress!).

Before your renovation begins you will have a schedule to keep you apprised of when we're starting, how long to expect the work to take, when to expect various trades, and when design selections need to be made.

As the work comes to a close we want to make certain every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. Together we'll ensure any final punchlist items are addressed and you love our work and your new space!
Our Commitment

"Details matter. It's worth waiting to get it right." ~Steve Jobs

Some think there's a difference between getting a job done and getting a job done right. We just think the job isn't done until it's done right. To us, it's not just aesthetics and functionality, nor is it simply about building something with quality that will last and add beauty to your home. Quality is undoubtedly a trademark of our craftsmanship, and it's central to our selection of materials and vendors, but it's so much more… and we understand that. The goal we set for every project is that you would love what we deliver to you‐ but the “product” we're delivering isn't just an expertly renovated space. We're aiming to deliver a dream design, uncommonly reliable communication, and an overall quality experience you'll be eager to share with others.

Our focus is on giving you an end result that fits your budget but doesn't compromise on quality. Writer and philosopher John Ruskin said, “If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.” Without question, shortcuts can save a little time and money. But what shortcuts tend to cut short is quality materials and craftsmanship. Think of the “builder grade” paint, appliances, or flooring you've seen in a new home‐ they just don't stand the test of time and are almost always part of our clients' renovation plans!

Holding ourselves to such high standards impacts each project differently. When our design work is requested, we take the time to listen and ensure we understand what a client needs. These conversations help us work and rework the design to get the colors, materials, and layout just right for you. When we begin sourcing the material, it's not a “one size fits all” solution. We work with several vendors to find competitively priced materials to best match your existing interior features like cabinetry and trim. With the time and care we take to ensure our work fits perfectly into your existing space, our design and sourcing phase can last 3-6 weeks. It takes this long so when we start the work in your home, we're better equipped to efficiently use our time and reduce the disruption in your home.